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Meet The Team

Esther Koh Headshot
Esther Koh

President Esther Koh has formed and rechartered the Irvine Republican Women Federated in 2018 after the closure of the group in 2009. As a newly elected President, she is committed to mobilizing the Republican women to be informed , educated, and engaged in various local, state and federal issues. Esther Koh is the Senior Vice President of Wealthnet Financial, providing financial planning guidance, comprehensive financial solutions to individuals, business-owners, and corporations.

Woman sitting back talking on the phone at table.
Julie Kearns

1st Vice President, Programs

Cecilia Hong

2nd Vice President, Memberships

Jean Lim


Shastina Sandman

Graphic Design Shastina brings her expertise of graphic design and web development to Irvine Republican Women Federated. As the CEO of REVolution she provides great knowledge of how to grow an organization from the ground up.

Rhonda Kreger


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  • P.O. Box 63402, Irvine, California 92602

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