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Irvine Republican Women

The Irvine Republican Women Federated (IRWF) is an affiliate of Orange County Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women. IRWF was founded to advance and promote the principles of the Republican Party and, in particular, Republican Women in Irvine and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to ensure accurate and truthful dissemination of information affecting all Republican Women in the community. Additionally, we strive to increase the interest and effectiveness of women in local, state and federal government roles. Overall, IRWF seeks to bring together women (and men) to positively impact the local, state and national communities in favor of conservative values and to advocate on behalf of the Republican Party and its representatives in government.

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What They're saying

Irvine Republican Women Federated (IRWF) is a growing group of ladies in Irvine, California. See what the community has to say about us.

Marilyn Joyce

"A great group of ladies fighting for a better future for our state and country.”

Julie Kearns

"Great place to get connected with like minded neighbors”

Christopher Brown

"This group isn't just for women, men can join too. I'm excited to be an associate member”